Welcome to the Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast. An 1890’s Colonial Revival style house filled with charming architectural detailing is transformed into an elegant and welcoming Inn.

Photography: Mary Kate McKenna., LLC

Meredith did an amazing job on our Bed and Breakfast in 2015; the Frederick Inn Bed and Breakfast in Frederick, Maryland. We opened our doors in August 2015 and ever since we have gotten wonderful reviews from people. We aimed for warm, welcoming, comfortable with a touch of elegance that highlighted the architecture of this 1897 Colonial Revival home, and that is what everyone says! We are now working with Meredith on decorating the third floor of the house that has 4 bedrooms and a common hallway. We are using the same process that we used last year to choose the designs. I love the process that she and her team use, she provides options and we get to pick. I can not wait to see it finished! I cannot say enough about Meredith and her team, I am very lucky to have found them and my business has benefited from her beautiful design. I highly recommend them, you will be very pleased with the result, I know I am.


  • Space Planning
  • Selecting all Inteiror Finishes
  • Concept Design
  • Selecting all furnishings & fabrics
  • Color Palette
  • Selecting all light fixtures
  • Interior Architectural Detailing
  • Selecting all accesories, rugs, art, lamps
  • Window Treatment Design
  • Project & Installation Mangament